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Nephew - Change The World Lyrics

(Feat. Shakes & Rapper Big Pooh)

I love to change the world but I gotta change the nigga standing in the mirror
reflections and perceptions always been..my progression
this is mama feel to use any protection
I got the weapon though mine over matter
some of really doing it while most nigga splatter and ..
keep pushing too many of it's cooking
and leave we really good till we die century bookings
it ain't no drugs it's more blacks
it's war on the pool tell me at
I'm in the middle myself tryin to fix me don't know nobody else
and all I got for you is..my knowledge
always got so listen to product
oh it used to tell em the young that you got it
and if you ever get it what you plan to do
well listen it

But I do know what you do
so I'm moving up top you

Before I leave this place I wanna leave my..world
I wanna be great, I wanna be remember for doing something..
they can't deny me when I..
I know may play a lot of when a million dollars
and give it all away to the person I see when I walk out the bank
hopefully the one that die in knee no.. a better yet maybe
I go enough for jail sitting host bell for those I feel ..trial
a bit more .. for the kids but then again the world which one is ..
I would say that I drive to the hood with my..get rain
but shit would change the hood would say
even with that money that be will still remain

But I do know what you do
so I'm moving up top you

I push the chance to the window pain
reflects of a greeding man
'cause things won't change
but I'm..sweets the leaves
but concrete an empty sweat play ground
no kids playing on my street
nothing you and the globe box
people follow procedures like no box
chasing at the careers and go pops
..features like..then we had it for an..
inside I hope not the corner
looking like a waste land
playing forces the main hand
why to hear the goddess let's be then
instead of ..my talent this is..
I face the big but I'm here to break
I'm spitting through the megaphone
few followers get alone
at least steady pushin and you ..at home revolution
every commentary that you never hear
we needing by example is the ..dear

But I do know what you do
so I'm moving up top you

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