Quit acting shorty, you know you wanna holla
(You know you wanna holla), you know you wanna holla
Quit acting shorty, you know you wanna holla
(You know you wanna holla), you know you wanna holla at me

(1st Verse)
I'ma a real ghetto star, baby you ever been with one of those
04 Cayenne, you ever rode in one of those
I ain't looking for a wife, I'm looking for a fun girl
Dress her up and treat her nice, bring her to my fun world
I know you probably hungry baby, we can grab a bite then
Later on tonight, introduce you to my gangsta friends
The first time I saw ya girl, gangsta had to stop and look
Lately you've been on my mind, me and you a good look
No strings girl, no pressure, I just wanna see you smile
I ain't even tryna stress ya
And I know what ya thinkin', how can a nigga this hood
Just say the right things, make you feel so good

(chorus 4x)

Look at you girl, I'm feelin' you girl
Let's hit the club tonight, bring ya crew girl
Later on I wanna see what ya taste like (what ya taste like)
Break the swisher down and get higher than the moonlight
(Step with ya favorite thug)
You know it's real girl
(Got me wanna beat it up)
You know the deal girl
I love ya caramel tone, the way you carry yourself
You so damn grown
Ya two-steppin' and it's turning me on, ya make me wanna give it to ya baby
All night long
Ya got ya “17'sâ€ÂĀ¯ on with no thongs
(It ain't even that serious, girl ya dead-ass wrong

(chorus 4x)

Yeah I'm young, I know the game baby (game baby)
Whatever happens, I won't say a thang baby (thang baby)
Why you acting all tough girl, I bet you the type that like it rough girl (rough girl)
Or do you like it slow baby, it's all good, just let a gangsta know baby (let a gangsta know baby)
I love the way you moan, never have I heard my name in that minitone
Just keep it wet, it makes the sex better (sex better)
Hit the blunt, it make the sex better
Bed breakfast, pancakes cheese eggs bacon
When I'm finish wit ya, I'ma leave ya legs shakin'

(chorus 4x)

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