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ABBA - Just Like That Lyrics

Until that dayMy life had been a riverFollowing the same, pre-destinated courseSuddenly detouring so unexpectedlyWith uncompromising forcesMy strongholds broke down all too easilyI remember wellHow it did embarrass meI hung on to his every smileMarveled at his styleChorusJust like thatHe walked into my houseAs smug as a catHe was handsome and smartWalked away with my heartJust like thatHe found a temporary home in my flatTelling innocent liesThrowing dust in my eyesBut I led him onKnowing that someday soon he'd be goneJust like thatAs though he only stopped awhile for a chatBut my secrets he learnedLeaving no stone unturnedAnd once again, the river's flowing slowlyFollowing the same and uneventful courseNow the tears have driedIt's become a pleasant breakI recall without remorseBut now and thenI wonder where he isAnd I will admitHe had something that I missI guess he was a rolling stoneThe only one I've knownRepeat chorus

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