Redman - Zip Lock Lyrics

I put it in a..

Zip Lock

[Verse 1: Redman]
One thing bout weed, when you hit it you feel no pain
My drug dealer said it's that thing
Have you driving in both lanes
So I'm rolling that purple in a quarter sack
Getting dome in the Cadillac
That's why I got a hood rat
Type of hood rat to carry my strap
Hit the sheets or the streets, it don't matter
I'm still black dy-no-mite
Over the track like white on rice
Nigga, all right all right all right
I'm for real, though
Smell that sativa in the air
They want to hit my blunt
But I let em know that Reggie never shares
I'm for real, though
I'm smoking more than most these rappers
My A-team smoke grade A weed
Call it B.A. Baracus
Two hits and pass, obey the rules
And you might hit it again
When we go to the spot, you pull out a knot
And buy your own, my friend
Cause I'm rider, smoking sour
Keep a lotta baby powder
For them hoes that wanna get smacked by me — try it
But if you got that O.G., purple, silver, haze
Blueberry, cheese, New York diesel, nigga, I'mma buy it
And put it in a..

Zip Lock

[Verse 2: Runt Dawg]
Nigga, this Runt Dawg
Whoever ain't feeling me could suck my balls
I'm in a big truck, middle finger up
Screaming, “Fuck all y'all”
Fuck your squad, fuck your broad, fuck your mixtape
Fuck your clique, fuck your hypeman, fuck your labelmates
Bitch, I'm certified gangster, sure you're right

Niggas got a lot of nerve, but fuck what y'all done heard
I put in a lot of work, so I got what I deserved
Y'all just a bunch of dick swallowers, followers
Rappers speak, y'all repeat like parakeets, mockingbirds
My heart colder than Denver in December
Mix cocaine and painkillers, inhaling paint thinner
Fuck a Bentley and a Benz, I don't eat lobster and shrimp
I shop at Family Dollar and eat at Mama Kim
Brick City salute me, killer absolutely
The stash in the dash of my hooptie
We keep it in a..

Zip Lock

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