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Orezi - Booty Bounce Lyrics


See Me now/3ce ye

See me now

It's your confirm show boy eeh

I say dey call Me Orezi

Culbeed Music

Oh baby oh no ye, ye, see Me now ye


Let the booty bounce girl, let the booty bounce /3ce

Omoge let the booty bounce,

Let the booty bounce

Girl let the booty bounce.

Oh baby, oh baby, u driving me crazy

Verse 1

Girl u, girl you /2ce

girl you dey wyn girl you no dey joke

U just dey make all the men to dey look

Kilode, omoge kilode

Bo se n judi baby o fe se wa lese

Sun mo mi jen ba e sere

---Beat breaks---

See Me now /3ce ye

---Back to chorus---

Oh no yaw ye no no no noi

Verse 2

Me and you girl o di dandan

4 this my party baby no be boin boin

I go run you easy girl no be moi moi

Na bcos of you I dey sing this song

Na bcos of u I dey ding ding ding dong

Say ding ding ding dong

Ding ding ding ding ding dong

Ding ding ding dong

Omoge ur booty is a ghen ghen

When you wyn your booty na the ghen ghen

Make all the boyz to dey hala the ghen ghen

Ama tell your booty is the ghen ghen

Ololoti oloti lo lo /2ce

Ololoti yeh

See Me now /3ce ye

--Back to Chorus--

Verse 3

Just bcos dem dey call Me Orezi

Fine girls wanna kiss and caress Me

Everyday see ma phone ringin ringin

All the girls just dey wantin ma something

Some of dem, dem dey see me for dream oo

Dem say orezi make dem kolo oo

Ololoti loloti lo lo, Ololoti lolo ti lo

I gat a chilling in ma spine wen I see you dirty wyn

I love that big booty girl your booty is divine

Put my in my zunzun in my zunzun in ur zunzun

When I put my zunzunzun you'll love it in ur zunzun

Bo se n judi balabala, ma ka mi la garagara /3ce

Oh no /3ce ye

Bo se n judi, judi bo se n judi, baby bo se n judi

Girl ur booty is a ghen ghen, oh ur booty is a ghen ghen

Alright see me now, see me now ye.

Let the Booty bounce girl, let the booty bounce / 4ce

I no dey joke girl I no dey joke,

Let the booty booty booty booty, let the booty bounce bounce / 2ce

Eh aii / 2ce Orezi

I say dey call me Orezi on the microphone ye

I am doing my freestyle

Girls dey love me oooooo

Ololoti oloti loti / 2ce

Let the Booty bounce girl, let the booty bounce

Booty bounce, let the booty bounce ye now now

Alright, I'm just doing this freestyle

Hope say you dey record Me now now

Is there anyway you dey roll girl girl

Loving you I say na Me be the ghen ghen

Orezi na Me be the ghen ghen

When you see me, see me, see me, hala at the ghen ghen

Oh no, oh no ye.

Thanks to CeeJay for correcting these lyrics

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2013-04-03 10:11:11 by anonymous
crazy' cul vibes