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Cam'Ron - LML (Love My Life) Lyrics

Love my life
love my life

Come on, come on
I'll taking on contestant
baby girl open 'cause my hair like ..from rustin'
funeral dope see how mouth is from the essence
that I had it like a gift
my dick is like a present
your face to get through I'm accent wish your..
I wish to even more..I'm open for suggestion
.. no doubt without a question
he was on the knees and she s*cked all my blessings
it was fire sort of like my confessions
nine tour is sing is shot my favorite weapon
now don't want no woman here skipt the stress who you with
where you at, girl without with all the questions

You a..I'm a factory, I'm your teacher
here's your lesson, no deception you discretion
you to be a depression
huh, I'll be in the kitchen chef and stall it without a dressing
when I'm in be in the..

Get it how you live it, live it like you get it
ain't no second guessing so roll it
we do expect to see I love my life,
but really know I love my life
yeah maybe this is it, maybe this is it
when they talk about, now we living it
maybe this is it, maybe this is it
when they talk about, now we living it

I'm the daily man we ..really on
money doesn't change people to show you they really on
my ..my speech is silly y'all
I'm a molly and monsters ..barely bar
come in baby girl get me all that extra jail
dance smoke the jeed I bought that from the ..
all this beef in the street man it will never end
appear like the only thing to check em friend
thank for checking in but this is just against checkers
and my ..passes when one recommend us
I move thousand packs
don't make me pull a ..in that
hole em like I rack, nine dollar in my ..is stack
no credit card but believe I got the plastic nigga
and when I swipe it your next I benz the casket nigga
y'all some east the bunny can be your fat niggas
never put all your eggs in one basket nigga


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