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Ezio - Maybe Sometimes Lyrics

I don't lie awake at night
And wonder what it would be like
To be with you

No I don't, I don't wake at night
Wondering who
Is at this moment holding you
And anyway, why should I care
Whose arm it is beneath your hair,

So I don't ever wonder who
Or think that I am so insane
To think that maybe sometimes
You don't wonder the same
Though when you call me up
With nothing much to say

Gets me thinking
That I can't even tell my friends -
It's you on which my mood depends
I think that they'd be so amazed
They wouldn't talk to me for days

So I don't ever tell my friends

No, I wouldn't claim to have the right
To ask to be with you tonight
To see you naked like in my dreams
And then to hold your breath and to kiss your cheek

I don't lie awake at night
And I don't wonder what it would be like
To be with you

Maybe sometimes
When I'm dreaming and I see you
Maybe sometimes
You're standing there - arm in arm with someone new
Maybe sometimes
Well I try to stop myself from dreaming
Maybe sometimes
I just don't know what to do

When I think of you
I can't sleep at night

I don't lie awake at night

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