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Quest - Radio Revolution Lyrics

Quest - Radio Revolution

Bounce to the beat feel the power
Dance, scream, let loose
Free your mind, bless your soul
Turn it up higher and higher
Feel the fire, my desire
Our time, my solution
Welcome to the radio revolution
A new era of sound, we building
A new wave of change, can you feel it
So fresh, so tight, up to the minute
Time to change the game, we’re here to win it
This is the anthem for those who are sick and tired
This is the battle cry for those losing fire
This will serve as an inspiration
We fan the flames so we stay blazin
We go loud, we go proud,
shake the ground, go all out
Stand ground, stand proud let the world know
This is the Radio Revolution
You make, you break, you bless, you curse
Do good, do bad, make it better or worse
Sit down, stand up, speak out, shut up
Hold back, let go, back out, lets g
Time for action, time to make it right
Time for us to shine in the darkest night
Real change, to the fake say tah tah
Real talk, bring hope, no blah blah
Give strength to the weak, life to the weary
Take back our dreams, this is gonna be crazy
We’re making history
Take it back where it’s meant to be
Where life elevates, we are superior
Breaking all the chains, save the inferior
Ready for combat, Locked and loaded
Don’t be left behind, this is our moment
We gonna take this higher higher
We gonna stay on fire fire
The world is our stage, no one can stop us
Lets go, lets go come on, come on
We gonna take this higher higher
We gonna stay on fire fire
This is exciting ya’ll
Come on, come on lets go

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