Quest - You and Me Lyrics

Quest - You and Me

to see every person, every individual behind your success
you know you cant live this life alone you need people
to push you, to inspire you, to bring out the best in you
this is dedicated to all of them
Verse 1
It’s like mornings with no sun
Evening with no stars
This wouldn’t be complete, this wouldn’t go far
Without you, without me yeah
Like a diamond less ring
Coffee with no cream
This lifee wouldn’t be complete like a song with no one to sing
It’s like a rainy summer day
And you’re all alone
A beautiful sunday morning and nobody’s home
It doesn’t make sense when you’re not around
I feel so lost and I need to be found
Its like finding a treasure and you’re going in circles
Trying to progress but there’s too many hurdles
Your heart needs to find a home, a hand to hold
You cant live this life alone
You and me together
We’ll never say never
Ever, together we’re ready for whatever
We’ll stand the test of time
A champion team
Forever connected you and I
You and me together
We’ll never say never
Ever, together we’re ready for whatever
Together we can
Together we strong
Together we can win it all
Verse 2
Hindi pwedeng mag isa dapat may kasama ka
Sa hamon ng buhay dapat may karamay ka
Like Tito, Vic & Joey, John & Marsha
Batman & Robin, Ding at Darna
In life there is power in together and some will last forever
It’s all up to you to choose what is better
Take away the façade and see whats real
Some people can deceive you with the way you feel
Longevity, stand the test of time
These chosen gems in life will surely shine
Sometimes they break you, hate you to make make you better
But the bond that we got will last forever
Whatever the challenge is, we can handle this
Together we can surpass all types of challenges
Soulmates, friendships, love of a lifetime
You need that coz they determine your lifeline
The storms we can weather let our dreams unite
We run to the finish no one’s left behind
Kaibigan, Kapuso, kapamilya
Makinig ka lahat tayo ay iisa

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