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Peter Hicks - When I Opened My Eyes Lyrics

What is this I see?
Where is this I laid?
It's the world I created
It's the earth I have made
Untold wealth has been mine
Poundless power I have known
But now I'm just a baby
I have come to my old

My throne is now a ...pad
My crown a pillow of hay
My ...grows and ... close
But this is how I must stay
In heaven my voice was like thunder
Roaring out from up high
But now when I open my mouth
I hear, just a baby's love cry

This is how it must be
To save those who are lost
For I love my good children
They're worth all of the cost

And someday I'll return
To my home in the skies
But I'll always remember,
When I opened my eyes.

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