Young Riot - Do it Again Lyrics

(Feat. Da Drout and Sean Hines)

Uh uh I know sometimes man
you're going through some things man
might want change some things up man
sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do
you know what I mean
got people to feed right here though
girl you know free my nigga bow

Streets in my hokie met dirty
they never told me why a good nigga die early
I posted on the corner boy vibe mine search me
I never say nothing attorney
see why got clip it's another sad change
..35 that's the tell frame now we're in a hall of fame
this shit slows down it's not a game no,
it's still smoking with the homicide of name no
I tell my hokies is this small be careful now they calling me for rap
the time is hard to handle
we like brothers we came from the hair box
some point in life we would blame shot
we was standing on the corner singing.. rock
tryin keep ti cool now my man hot
we all in now you wanna pin
wishing you can do the shit again

Homie I told you keep it quit for the one you slick
you could've waited for another night to gove with the kid
now you make me if you ain't the follwo your..
oh my God, I know you're sayin you're wishin you can do it again
homie I told you wanna slip
you could have waited for another night to get with the kick
now you made me you .. you probably a ..
I now you sick wishing you can do it again

back up but I think now
if you could rhyme for four poud
white girl she stay around
wherever she hold my niggas down
f*cking with my team I was riding on a hater
and my air force once nigga I had every play
but breaking it you know I could have had any bitch
should have told em stay away from me
I knew you used to snithc
use the book of time now listen to me f*ck that
you'd better do your thing
sipping on that damn liquor thinking bout was gone before I came that smell
so I had that single remi and I wish a nigga tell me
what I should've use to rapping it
took over the city so this is what I'm telling you
my nigga kep going when you're out of sight you are out of mind
color start showing if were upset
there were releasing to the pinkers
'cause I couldn't and I would do it hard


Listen we born life from the worst ..the dog walk five
die from the first streams yeah my young nigga ride
and we climb hot spit getting stacks on the ..
on the back streets
nigga let my ..the raps on it
yeah they shot my nigga licking
we just .. ain't nothin still riding for the ride ..
the more bro then I miss my dog..took a good nigga
..yeah and that's what ti is I can't change life for a shit
this is the price for a life that's for how we live


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