96 Tears

96 Tears - Try My Love Again lyrics

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Too many teardrops

For one heart to be crying

Too many teardrops

For one heart to carry on

You're way up on top now

Baby, since you left me, yeah

And you're always laughing

Down at me, yeah

But watch out, baby

I'm gonna get there

Yes, I am, and

We'll be together

For just a little while

And we'll start

Gathering tears

Way up here, ha ha

And you'll start crying

Ninety-six tears, hey

Cry, cry, cry, hey

Ha ha ha, yeah

Hey, I'll be on top

And you'll be there

Just looking up, yeah

I had a way to get up here

Yes, I did

And I don't see you

Waving down

I'm gonna get you

Yes, I am, ha, ha

Cry, cry, cry

Too many teardrops for

One heart to be crying, yeah

Too many teardrops for

One little heart to carry on

Yeah, cry, cry, cry

Ninety-six tears, yeah, yeah

Cry, cry, cry all night long

In the midnight hour<br />

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