L.E.S - Trilla Lyrics

Hally dollar mother f*cker
yeah, come and dime, dime dime

Yeah poppin poppin poppin truck on niggas grannies
with the candy on my caley
some swangin and then banging got them poppers looking at me
in my SB in my low..bad bitches on my jot
we rolled up and we holed up and we slowed up
and it don't stop
this grow shit, this grow shit we talk shit
I duz this, your chick ..my love bitch
I'm too high to f*ck with
we run the crome and I make the foe
rollz up in .. I keep the class like share toes
got bitches all in my cellphone
that switchin the lane standing nigga the grain
looking my piece of my chain
I'm pimpin my grain
'cause she'll be givin me brain
so we can listen to ..who livin a lot
f*cking like you getting fly
or when you're getting ..
I'm puffing the lie tell you that I'ma be high
I got me a couple of bitches
..but I'm disgusted
but you getting touched and..I bust
I bust me a level I bust me a night
I'm feelin', I'm sleeping, I'm trippin and tryin to get you so high
I'm huggin the silent and why this niggas is been lying my ..a light
just a like a pimpin the..in front of their leg
..sippin the tight droppin at my stains owe
better got a..low poppin at that candy mother f*cker which your dream hoe
I stand too fly and far from a circle
bitches wanna know the name .. dollar mother f*cker

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