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Gazpacho - Hell Freezes Over II Lyrics

Twilight on the dawning way
snaps at from the 50s
chilly wind and dark streams
weather me on lights and stars..
the old golden turtle dreams
stay in the seats from others ..
tears of home drive bone
they wait for you
they wait for me and the rumors silence fingers
by the fighter met someday
the night by the trail where the animals drag tear
there's nothing to doors and see

Since keeping counting moments
you can breathe still not lean
she really needs to meeting
that is how you feel it
as sometimes he require the streams
in other words with other green
and whisper sacred ghost too slim
they wait for me, they wait for you
by the ancient weather blue magic
me drinking from my broken card
between these halium beguiling
there's nothing who doesn't see

They wait for you
they wait for me
sooner or later, one of this ghost
I really try get close to you
where the ..stars bleeds

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