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BOBBY CREEKWATER - Money Purp And Bitches Lyrics

(ft Stat Quo)

What you said man
money purp and bitches
tic-tac ridiculous
knock knock who is it
that's my trunk hoe go get it
my baby mama be trippin
only if it flippin
my side hoe don't listen
so I drive the bitch and listen
ling sippin..sipping out
the more money ..that I can't pronounce
writing checks with straight face
on good wale they gonna bound
f*ck that every day row
f*ck that more people on the day roe
f*ck that ..pill I say no
f*ck that get money people let's go
noh I say no, people let's go young foe
y'all know spit fire ..the empire
oh oh like you used the ..
I'm like maguire home run bitch
I'm just shit flow
my home zone steroids these niggas got ..
fresher than ..toy is brign me while I'm young roy
alleluyah pray for me I need floor dollar
oh lord

Money purp, money purp, money purp
money purp, money purp, money purp
I'm in my money, purp and bitches
money purp, money purp, money purp
money, purp and bitches
money purp, money purp, money purp
money, purp and bitches
money purp, money purp, money purp

We don't give a f*ck we just do whatever we want
they say I need to slow down
I'm..whatever reason we don't
we we we make our rules and turn we break ..
that's why I'm about to get turned up

No no sun of flamingo
most star look like ringo
makes the..be the same go
she says that
she got big oh booty
she ..I can't hear to make this
but I'm bad nigga she can make..
need in the streets get out the beast
body in the pants ..couple of more hoe ..time
too f*ck I'M NOT ME
I'm bout to ..so I don't stop
woke up in the ..close off
she the baddest bitch
from lime ..she close off
she say hey we should be together
you give me a baby
and I say no and she say why
say f*ck you pay me go


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