Bob Schneider - A Little Love Lyrics

A nickel and a dime and a dime make a quarter
You add some h to some o and get some water
Momma and poppa make a son or a daughter
And if you add a little love
It'll make you feel like you oughta


Some ice cream and pie'll put a smile in your tummy
3 4's, 4 5's and a straight's a gin rummy
A dead old pharaoh in big gold box' just a mummy
And if you add a little love
It'll make the whole world funny


A frog and a princess ain't a princess and a prince
And a pomegranate’s tasty but it ain't no quince
And a puzzle ain't a puzzle if there too many hints
And love ain't love if it makes you wince

Peanut butter and chocolate tastes better than soap
It's time to let go when you run out of rope
Chances are you'll never ever be the pope
But if you add a little love it'll fill up your heart with hope


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