Joey BadASS - Waves Lyrics

Remember back in the days
When you used to rock waves and shit
One life,Yeah I had to fuck with 360 my nigga
But ain't nobody in the hood fucking with my shit
and thats real shit

Since '95 momma been workin 9 to 5
And I know the landlord fed up with our lives
So we pray up to Gods, the Ja's and the Allah's
To keep us safe and watch our lives
'Cause all we tryin' to do is do good
Put on my hood when I walk through hoods 'cause
These niggas these days is loco
You get it in your vocals if you ain't a local
Yeah, that's why I'm tryin' to go global
Yeah, That's why I'm trying to be a mogul
I'm hopeful that me spitting this soulful
Well have me the daily postal, flying coastal in tofu
Like I told you I know niggas who trash rappin'
Worried about the trend and fashions
Rather than to sending passion
They want me to send 'em tracks
But I just send 'em laughter
Right after I start laughing
They start asking, what happened
But back to the chapter
Momma told me follow dreams
Should never had to ask her to
So that's what I do ,
Became an MC master
Since then its been a disaster for you and your favorite rapper
Go ahead ask 'em " Who is Joey Bad?"
watch them grab some asthma
Damn it's so sad, he post the chat up
'Cause he know he'd rather the back up
Then to admit the kid is hotter than magma
But fuck it,gotta give credit where it's due
'Cause you ain't going like the karma when it's set up on you
It can get you in your medical,fuck you up in the decibal
So get you to the brief of reziduu, found in your retina
And they taught me not to be so complex
Never down to acomplish , articles and complex
And the source, Alfredo of course
There I go again,stepping out of line
Running of course,I heard a report
That is like sexual intercourse with your thoughts
When I talk about the shoes in which I walk
For it is not false , no afford that this kid from the north
Speaks the force upon, and reinforce the source
And I'm sure by now, you can assume he never lost
And that's some sort of divorce, or a corpse
Born a boss, no days off,child labour
Let me see yours in favour to spin that back like tornados
But it's far from over
Won't stop until I meet Hova
And my momma's in a rover
'Til I'm the owner,
Of the world's finest motors
I'll be like supernovas
In your daughters room on a poster
Known as histories
Biggest musical composer
No disrespect to Bob Marl
Yeah nothing stoner
Marijuana my odor
And when I get older
Hold my sperm into zone
For my scrotum meets a septum over
Like 3 times,have 3 kids
I hope me and my wife could show 'em
Not to make the same mistakes that we did
All day knowledge to knowledge
'Cause yeah,they gonna need it
'Cause when my parents would try and tell me I just wouldnt receive it
Couldn't believe it, 'til I saw it with my own pupils
Fuck that when I learned that their device was truly useful
But fuck it ,only made it as human beings,more neutral
Eventho over time our punished mistake grew more crucial
Show you where the blue should,
'Cause my past match trick
Hope when they all are checked
Lights are even madly
Go over mass it
They have my songs mastered
Until then all I can do is imagine
Imagine, I'mma make it all happen

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Thanks to Caleb Mata for correcting these lyrics

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