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Roscoe Dash - Im On It (Remix) ft Hoven X Lyrics

Roll up a dime, I got what you need
I wish they loving, wish they lovin I
Roll up the weed everything is on house with me
and the money callin nigga I'm own it
nigga I'm from the street, this f*ckin weed
I I and nigga Im on it, nigga Im on it

I got whips and won't, I got I got whips and need
and barely you should see the way I treat my chick from overseas yeah
and see no speak a liquor English
I see do on my .. about my ..when I need it
just the way I like the p*ssy
I'm..really some wish the..the p**sy
yeah too bad that somebody can't be me
ball fancy 'cause I'm callin me I take the down free
what a..send it back to owner
you busy on that ass it's all on the.. owners
wide open couldn't get the..closer
yeah that's why I call closure


but the money the cause and the cause..
now I got the crispet cream now my sins smoking dauner
you see niggas other like back in ..the coka
in the near..keep talking nigga grow up
my..never slow stop I..we want it all I guess the whole up
I'm on the dream team pull the paper chaser soon on
yeah choose game but stack like you know yeah
every day is another dollar I don't wanna see the last day
never I don't believe going half way I just wanna exercise the game
I'm chest in ..so I could run it till I'm passed day


Choose game overlistic there aint no other way to go get in the club for free
Y'all mother f*ckers I'm play to go
hit these bros you're leavin you play cat to save the hoe
I got plenty money what the f*ck you need to save it for
spend ti all on flashin shit and that ..you fashion shit
rain Benz on bitch let me do the ask for shit
I don't want the smoke for you
you cuffin and never pass the shit
ain't even smokin love
you puffin on some average shit
was broke now I'm own it this is why I'm arrogant
when they come to holdin I don't think it's all comparison and allergic
the bullshit pass the club and clarin ..
swimming in the money my condom in the..


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