Redman - Ahh Yes Lyrics

ft Ready Roc & Runtdawg

Yo, ... you can run but you can't hide
I'm here to burn, these bitch down like I'm left out
Cause I've been saying fuck the world since last time
So strap your seat belt on nigga let's roll
I'm in the coop, I'm acting stupid going hella dumb
... where the hell I'm from
So you don't really want no problem better tell them son
Cause we the shit you can smell it ahh yes
I'm making rounds ... like a toll booth
Especially when they sound sink like a gold tooth
Acting like they putting work but we don't know you
Cause like d12 you got no proof
I'm on it, see I keep this so raw I ...custom
Steady throwing up on tracks as my flow disgusting
Ready here to lock it down, no discussion
I'm putting rappers to bed, you know...
You can't stop me motherfucker, cause you see I got talent
And I'ma cop you motherfucker
Niggas know that I ball out, like they watch me at the...
You can do the same thing too if you stop being a sucker
Follow me like that club song
Cause like a nigga drinking to 11, I'm just getting my buzz on
I swear to hold it down and my ... home
You know me, I'm never scared to crush bones

Either go home nigga or go hard
I barbecue anybody up in your yard
I got the benz and I whip it like a gold card
I got the plan and I run it like I'm Omar
I'm on a roll, I'm the butter, put me on a bread
You wanna learn, I'ma school you like the ...
It's real wavy like I wrote it on the water bed
My girl like to give me head, ahh yes
I'm so...that's why the camera on my hood yeah
We get it in like ...
Your side chick in, I'ma hit it like Barry Bonds
To fly around with a pound on a carry on
Let's go niggas
We're so far ahead of y'all
... they setting up the barrier
Airports, air force, stepping in the area
My luggage look like I'm coming to America
Yeah, that's how a nigga feel
I play my cards right like I'm looking for a deal
Hot limes like...
And now I'm looking for another city I'ma kill

It's brick city, animal planet,
... than a motherfucking spanish mechanic
Ask your bitch who the mad is
... my pocket thick as a coopa sandwich
My set popping like the old wild west
Remind you of ...street project, back in 96
We taking the bank while you all making side bets
Smell it bitch, inhale it
Yes, yes, know you not heard about them...
I'm a minister... get speed ... on your forehead the size of tennis balls
Whether you big...or Vin Diesel...
My nigga mister paint give me the shake
I'm charged off, Hennesey mix with energy drink...
So fuck you, fuck your fakebook friends and fuck all your followers on Twitter.

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