GORILLA ZOE - All Out Lyrics

(ft 2 Chainz & Sonny Digital)

I part the Bentley got you bitchy she happen not to be
I don't puzzle man like a ..
I'm on the joint there is the ..
and she don't suck but I can't conquer on super we

hey ladies, don't you hatin when niggas walking to club
buy shit load em all set em all mother f*ckers on the table don't spend shit
rapers refund nigga
we don't do that shit, we go all out
from the time we get there till the time we leave
the world going crazy they all out
till the club bring the warm till they all out
talkin warm they all.. got the biggle warm preserving all out

all out, all out, all out
thank you ballin we ball out
I'll in go out, got a hundred niggas with me but we all out
all out, all out, all out
talking wills I'm ballin all out
see the ice drick I'm ballin all out
right now I'm going me, I don't go all right

I pull the Bentley she happen not to me
I don't puzzle in the pill like a ..
I'm on the joint that used to..
she don't s*ck but I can conquer she don't..
I got them drinkers in the kitchen sleeve
bring the money countin for the ..
my money long I've been done
getting ..boy feel like joe joe
f*ckign bad hores in high school and I ain't go to pearl
I ain't glad nigga you wait I ain't done
I ain't great either but my boy win efa
her nigga made a move bitch I ..just to sequel


my partner got breaks like a..
she have your girl like abduction
this is.if you ain't talking money end ..
..I'm doing belt ..all this gater shit
like the.. hunder
hasta la vista last up on my ..
last night I had me three or..ground
and I'm going all out no more ..
yeah I'm on fire used to stop ..otu
yeah I got a call out send to a ..
all go real smash my pistol but the ..


okay I ball out till I fall out
got a hundred ..but the mole out
f*ck a bitch till I was out
she could s*ck my dick till the ..out
you pay the p**sy I don't pay the dues
bustin niggas make a major move
whole lot of money like I hang with you
you're like twins like..
I'm going there for fun nigga
ball out like a palm nigga
I'm hard in 21 nigga
when is sin make my fun nigga
yeah I point been on my ..
shit doll never and your bitch
yeah she on my ditch gone
everything that I do I go all out
every whip that I get and what you
I get all out, all the checks that I cash
is what I'm all bout either you in
oh boy you all out


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