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Clue To Kalo - Seconds When It's Minutes Lyrics

On a fearsome afternoon,
There is a terminal direction
To all that follows from your question
(The faulty spirit versus the confession),

Dodododo etc

'Cause there's a version in the back of his head,
It's true.
With the speed he unlearns, you should learn to expect
The short-circuit of words with a studied dyslexia.
You should see through his second childhood
(He's put inside her an awful fire),

'Cause there's a weakness at the base of his spine,
It's true.
And so why then desire to believe what he says when he
Says he's a liar?
If sunset is a wreck that recurs and makes a ghost of
The day, what more can you say?

There's a version in the back of your head.
To forfeit the years... is that where it leaves me?
With the split of your ears as a measure of history?
You come off unfilled, you come up as false, you don't
Check your pulse.

Sure I got your closing joke, when you said sharp words
To my face and spoke: "are you trying to improve or
Trying to prove by rethinking your thoughts till you
Wear out the groove?"

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