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Clepsydra - The River In Your Eyes Lyrics

The river in your eyes
Screams a thousand words
About glory and pride
But now with a knife in your hand
You ask yourself about wrong and right
Mother's lesson is still in my mind
But the clear difference
Between good and bad
Is a prejudice of God!

Going up and down between you and I
Once you'll find yourself in the firing line
Hold on tight to your crusade
Until the love in your mind will show you the blade
A passive look to the scribbler of faith to history
And you pin your thought to the next bus stop bench

Neither a sight neither a careful look
Will find out you have changed
Or recognise there has been
Removed something from inside of you
So do not care about it, you'll have it back someday
... Even having mercy

Once a good feeling, once not so bad
Somebody's looking from the outside
Will tell you the history you've made
Even if you are not concious
About the greatness of your act

She will stand there and see
She will stand there and wait
She will stand there
She will...

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