Plies - Ball 4 Dem Lyrics

I didn't got let em from boosy
what's up nigga
just got the phone with my home boy the call
that pussy..niggas on the phone
and all them niggas told me the same thing
what they say bro
them nigga say bro
what they..
all I want to do is a ball 4 em
my nigga just ball for em, my nigga
ad I think bout my dear homies
think about my niggas just say it f*ck it my nigga

Form all my niggas doing time I'm a ball 4 em
and all my baller soldiers know that I'ma ball 4 em
and everybody who ain't got it I'ma ball 4 em
and all my niggas in the private I'ma ball 4 em
oh I'ma ball 4 em, oh I'ma ball 4 em
for all my niggas doing time I'ma ball 4 em
and all my ballers soldiers know what I'ma ball 4 em
and everybody who ain't got it I'ma ball 4 em

just all the twitters bottles just for my dare partners
feelings good about my self that's up my nigga cop but others
but f*ck them red bottles could..the..
that's why I ball hard and just smoke me a whole quarter
stop me bottle stole me the grind some some money orders
let's talk about my nigga my red..
talk to em last week told me to ball 4 em
told me to ball on this p**sies as ..orders
she ain't even did a dime or she be call a quarter
but he a stressing though 'cause my nigga fire
and it was ..nine probably be rolling what
but this the 89 I'ma wait the..


Rest in peace sayin: god damn I miss you homie
I still let me trateches I know you prayin for me
I think about you boy, I clear for you money
'cause on the colorosy I don't f*ckin hundreds
now I wait for my niggas I'm ball 4 em all
so all the silent nigga rest in peace y'all
I got a couple soldiers they still wait and try
I said pray for you now you're here high
if you the half prayer now you ain't got
a real hustler you know I get to get
I try to motivate you let's get this cash
and I'ma ball for you niggas to the very end


I gotta do it major like you was out with me
my mind run away I'm on a f*ckign mission
know nobody else but I'm f*ckign miss you
whether you get a hand ride with you
it ain't nuts ..I'm still the same
aint' like a p**sy hoe
rap like day forget you
whether you rich or poor make me no f*cking different
the lord it's in my blood and it's forever me
well ti's the great with jail you know I'm coming visit
why they ain't keep it real
god damn f*cking living
why ain't change know you
because they aint' me
and I'ma ball 4 you nigga
I hope you f*ckign me

Thanks to Young 88 Baby for correcting these lyrics

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