OnCue - Rich Kid Lyrics

'Guess I'm hard to ignore
Cause my life's recorded
Futon on the floor
Trying make this music shit orbit
Just got off tour
No more saying that I can't afford shit
I never brag, let me brag
Never will we forfeit

I'm a self-admitted narcissistic
Optimistic, but you fuckers got me livid
Allergic to all your gimmicks
I speak that realness, images that's often vivid
I know she gon' feel this, I approach her; she soft & timid

She knows my old shit, Guessing she's a huge fan
Thought I wouldn't notice, I'ma make her cream like Wu-Clan
She like my raspy raps, that means that ass be tapped
don't just hit and quit, I'ma gentleman I pay for the taxi back

When I had my back against the wall
When I had to jump through rings on fire
So you fucks would take Jay's calls (and)

It's whack now how you slob up on my balls
Probably heard I was working with them
Googled me, Watched Feel Tall...

In fact, this hasn't even gon' to printing
You got the exclusive breaking news:
Fucker this is the beginning
Tomorrow ain't promised
Trying to rewrite my ending
TIl I'm in it, six feet diggin
Far from finished, know I'm grinning yeah

I was more hand-me-down, then stuck up
It all comes back around, when the bucks up
I was more overdue, than over you
Time heals wounds
No matter what you're going through

I never was a rich kid
But best believe that I'm dying one
I never was a rich kid
But best believe I'm dying one

Everywhere I go they say I look so damn familiar
Grew up on the Roc, But Chris & Cam keep trying to put me on Dilla
They say stop, Cause I keep smoking all my cigarettes down to the filter
Been through a lot, If you don't do that shit
Life's a bitch she will kill ya

Stuck in that first apartment
Locked in a prison... I was so broke
Didn't know where my heart went
Bank account: all i see is 0's
My mom kept arguin'
Wishing that I got my Diplome
But fuck that shit
I wanna get rich
See This story got old so...

For years its been written....
See I came from slim pickens
Now all these hoes they been smitten
From all the flows I've been spittin'
Funny now people wanna act different
Rumor has it we first class trippin'
I lay this down, they take my sound
Let me call it now, they adlibbin'

How you feelin'? Under that ceiling
Over your head, gon crush the whole building'
(The) view from here probably look a bit different
When you know your shit comes from the heart, that's the realest...
Never shot a gun, never was dealer
Fuck that whack shit, mixtape filler
Build an empire, start with a pillar
Now im on fire, so far from the cellar...


I'm dying one...
I'm dying one...
I'm dying one...

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Thanks to Joanne for correcting these lyrics

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2012-10-16 13:09:14 by anonymous
nice !