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Broken Spindles - I've Never Been This Afraid Lyrics

I've never been this afraid
My love is gone and far away
I've never made this mistake before
I've given nothing away

I've never been this frightened
I'm caught in a catch-phrase about love and why to
Send it away to see if it stays
To prove it's truth, it proves I know nothing
Of love or loss or the logical end of predictable
You count on things as absolutes

And then you turn around and it's been removed
Pushed from your life by your own doing

The empty hole is a sore and unfillable

Not because of it's depth but because it is void of you
I've never been this afraid
I want to take it back and

Keep us safe from distance and space
But it's late to point the past things missed

I've never been anxious like this
My head itches from the hole that exists
Dug deeper by corroding grooves
From questions like, what do I do?

I've never been this afraid of my own mistake
What was one has turned to five
The months added up only to divide
I can't help thinking about time and life

And how time apart can dull the bright
And how everything ends and everyone dies
And how everyone good looks to the sky
For a reason to be alive

I've never been this afraid
I've never been this afraid

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