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TeeJay - Back 2 Tha Basics Lyrics

You're crazy with this one
Look, shake it
TeeJay and his bitching
Yeah I'm saying fuck it all..
Rather staying tall like this shit be playing basketball
Shitting in your ..like you're overdose...
..even if a nigger had a flaw
But, but this stupid hoe be giving me a perfect ten
Got my nigger with me, telling me to hit the ...
My lungs in my liver when I murder
When a party screaming .. feel like my head is buzzing in
I'm buzzing in anywhere that you can name
I'm just saying I'm the real deal like David Blaine
Scream Michelle, try to figure out why you're hating me
Acting now ... what you all about, why I make a change?
Why is it always that my flow is getting tired of me
(Spitting venom, like you're trying to... )
I'm trying man, I'm reaching for the gold
..scheming 'till I'm broke
You're a ..go and get your...
DJ always smiling, but you just got your frown on
Sitting on the cloud, and rappers what I'm raining down...
I'm putting the crown on, cause I'm about to run this shit
Gimmie a beat, and I swear I'll punish it!
...I'm a quitter man, I'm like thunder bitch
... get up and get a ... mix it with that...
..Chicago what I claim
(What's my name? What's my name?)
Used to look into the future, but we'd never seen nothing
...these niggers gimmie spin like they hit the beat button
...but they just know my love again
Nigger is so hot, they play my shit and make the Devil sweat!

Make the devil want, little bro I got you
Send these bitches in and out, eat 'em up, fast food!
..in my house shoe, they told me to hit this button, I'm tripping off the...
Scared of heights, form heights....
You're getting in my away ...
Get in my lane I'mma ..the truck
..your chick is a beauty, I'mma beast!
We ain't that good, we're sacred to feast
We're in this bitch, fuck the...
Fuck the least, fuck you mean
I know dope boy ... say baby she talk by me
Rock it, bless this chick, I'm in!
Wait! Houston, we have a problem!
I drop more bombs in the summer
I go more rounds than...
My name is crazy, meet the...
I'm not plane, but I really am,
.... my money like I robbed a bank
Fuck your bitch to sleep...
If your man got..
I'll turn your body...
No looking back, my words is crack
Take it girl, get all in! I'm on your body, who's calling?...

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