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TeeJay - BDE Freestyle Lyrics

Look, man all this haters wonder what I'm tryin to close this
I could see the top but the glass feelin so thick
the follow sick like a nigga down to flow thick
I was born to rap what mutha f*cker's your gift
I won't live the way .. my back
'cause hey never crack I'll ball too strong for that
so we can rap as bad upon the track
the swag is on the.. but they still call the whack
well, I wish they could change the mind
but in time they don't notice the jugging on his ground
..to be rolling up make it hard to.. and I'm one of them
so i'm the run chasing all my dreams
..from my past never last you know a nigga full upon the gas
..all the faces that the people count you
burn the hate that the mother f*ckers bout to
video on stupid hoes
they will never amaze em I just thought that you should know
not even..and I'm ..low with my..so best believe we're bruzzy
yeah they college is the best..years..
I ain't worry about the rest
don't cheer for the night especially with my future looking bright
so I might take a hit of that white
they could I'm only f*cking with the weed and the ..got the grape
int he zip and the ship really stinks but they ain't really ..that
I'm on the brave to the..
I'm going as my competition going straight to..
and my armor goes back to.. 'cause I even got the GRIND MAN
my thoughts came so I let it flow
take a real deep breath and I let it go
so small, oh no look at T now
people stare at me and I wonder what they see now
if they don't see the truth they..now
weed now so i'm blowing real for agree now

got a couple ..under my bell
got a video and coming soon shit
..keep all man, motivated on some real shit
what up

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