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Skepta - Certified Skepta Lyrics

Bangers bangers bangers


All the ladies Show me love cause Im certified
Real niggers show me up cause Im certified
For money cause i share blood cause Im certified
My shit banging in the club cause Im certified
Pussy trapped .. my chain I was mortified
So I put in an hours work they were terrified!
Now they remember my name cause I'm certified
Give me the money, fuck the fame; certified

Verse #1

Thought i was sleeping cause I'm really living my dreams
I've been a hustler since I was in my teens
Any old jacket any boots any jeans
Back then the motto was get moneys by any means
Wind down the window give my number to anything
Doing anything in my power to get the crème
Number one rule in the trap scene
If you get caught with the food never spill any beans
Now I am in Vegas drinking pina colado
She loves the way my fitting jeans are sitting on the collars
I get back to the hood and these actors are talking dramas but I don’t give a shitI will be chilling in my pyjamas.
never hear me talking like I can’t get in touch
Anyone can get it but I don’t get it much
Cause when you live it you take it to when I stick it back on you I do it times two, stick it back on you, Niggers know is true..


Verse #2

One of the realist Niggers ever. Never been a fake.
Climbing up the ladders, never been a snake.
Chillin with the starts but I've never been to space.
Affiliated with niggers dealing heroin and flake.
Affiliated with niggers with spinners and automatics
So I'm good, give a fuck who's the baddest?
I wear my heart on my sleeve of my moncler Jacket!
so when its on, my niggers know i'll definitely back it!
My niggers know i'm definately on it.
and i aint looking for ant stripes, im just being honest!
catching in my zones ive got it in my pocket!
catching without a weapon now the pussy wanna squash it!
and i aint tryna go to prison for any of these fake G's
Vegetarian nigger, fuck the beef i want the beans.
still making those video players freeze
So I've got girls getting weak at the knees over seas.


Thanks to Gregors for correcting these lyrics

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