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Bow Wow - 5 Fingers Of Death Lyrics

she from me in the night spot
watch me get the shit jumpin like hot scotch
bow is the name but don't get it twisted
always wearin rubble when i'm in this dirty bitches
look they better stop plannin with me
and better stop it though
rooms full of cash you would think i saw a lot of dough
i keep hoes like a pimp do
killin earn stadium and earn f*cking you
yeah i run this shit
..these other rappers like funny chips
look big dog no keeples in bitch
so when i say i ball i ain't talking dribbling bitch
put my .. next to Diddy on
i put on my city if you don't plan to make it rain
why the f*ck you win for
smoke earb to my one collect
i'm just say young niggas with big stacks
they call me with a ah ah ah ah
i got brown people bag money
gag down over jack
big in the cut but no ..stacks
know me i'm so fresh so clean like oh outcast money
never been broke, never been on cast on me
i keep my cash on me
i'm in the juvenile
no more ..i would never leave my cash money
what up cash money young money wizzy baby
only other young that i know who didn't have money
rest of y'all funny talking flying that g five
i don't gas money
bow wow but a few hundred though when a ..
that's what we call fast money
S S watch the .. on it
.. i stand pass on it
passport got a fast on it
i spit sick and got a ..got an ..

look i just left capital hill
they bout to break up the bill the dollar bill
cause currently the US currency don't make enough money
to ..what i earn to see
i see that ..but f*ck waht next by now
is my turn to be all you mc's wishin up and turn to me
y bit they dont' spin but they dont' run to be
oh shit, see that a ..for rich folks
my flow roll nigga i spit
and i get served
and start finger for the Bow wow
cope and now get served
and start finger for that bow wow flow
that i have .like served
look i flip words i chop words and yeah you ate to..
i do more in then and ..more than who you rapping with
my nigga who you think you're rapping with
see you i'm a red .. getting money
i know that ..
listen now make a new one
and you know who new to the new one
you know how i do son
i get so much money that the bottom of my Louie buzz
god damn i need a new one

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