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"Slow Down Ft Skyzoo" song overview :
Marion Write gets help from Skyzoo and releases a new song called "Slow Down". The track is produced by S.B. This time, S.B. takes a different approach on the beat and gives a darker feel to the piano chords. This song is the first take on Marion's upcoming album which drops on 31 January.
Slow Down Ft Skyzoo lyrics

Marion Write - Slow Down Ft Skyzoo Lyrics

Motivated by all kinds of energy
Pushing my legacy at an all time supremacy
Putting youngings in jeopardy, never said I'll make it
Now they ask me for erything, see me heating up like 100 cases of kerosene
Writing poems, dissing, ...of embarrassing
Hiding behind the net, playing life as a fantasy
It's fascinating, how you dissing your father
I send these bitches having me evaporating like water
Calculating we order, you average in performance
I see you in a while, stop acting like you reporting
You running to the grace, tracks wanna be on them
I'm running to the castle, I'm really trying to be ...
Setting my standards high trying to be more than nodes
Hoping my planes never fly, towers that just exploded
Terrorist in the game, wishing I could expose them
But that ain't my char, these characters are just ignored

Slow down, slow down son, you're killing them
Slow down son, you're killing them
Slow down son, you're killing them
Leave them on the ground and stop reaching for millions

The flow sick and I hope it's contagious
I let my words spread like birds left for migration
God speed, passing them good vibration
On the world tour, like I buck through life nation
Life's a movie scene, we're too real but no adds, fuck a blue screen
2 kings got the world in our palms... I'm bout to let the beast out of the zoo
Say that we living now, and all the past tense living I've been pinning down
All the past tense images I've been around
Is what the past didn't give him so I fit the crown
All the addlibs given was the middle ground
I put him there so it's easier to get it
I'm living everyday like it's easier to listen
So I scribble indicators when I'm speaking on the different
So pardon me for being stand up, the paranoia of land lords and hand guns
The cam corders on land posts, you can't run
I walk by ... talk silent, similar from the game, common the nominator
Show him how we divide it if they ever deny to pay us
Get it the way you wait, it's probably why they hate us
Living let it ride, and now they trying to betray us Frank

Slow down, slow down son, you're killing them
Slow down son, you're killing them
Slow down son, you're killing them
Leave them on the ground if it means getting millions

Now he's died in this city, I'ma rise in my city
Future ...prize winner in my city
Youngers and jets to kill is ...with me
From the ones in the vip to the ones in the back of the line
With me set it off, holler and get it gone
Amateur and a pro, if you slacking in your own metropolitan
I'll take your own
Su casa, my casa, I'm a lord of the underground,
Spitting that cheap vodka,
Living that...proper...
feeling like day proper, sky's the limit,
Lord of ... with me...
Play your position, bitches getting the twisted, motivate by all means
Malcom X with king vision, I'm here for the real fake dream
...working hard for this mill, I make the dream come through
Slow down, slow down.

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