Gifted Minds - Keep Going Lyrics

What we got left is only us
Keep that in mind when you see us on top
She will be on my mind every time she is on top
I tell her don’t stop she says I won’t stop
She gives me the … to go off my top
She is always there to catch when I blow off my …
I don’t really like it a lot
I guess she like friends
Well it depends if I really wanna see you
She is so damn gorgeous you should have leaved it
When time was never there change to the meter I really like to eat her
Sorry I met see you sick it by the …I rehearse and sang …I am mote into ..
I hope you get to meet her I hope when you will see her eyes will freeze up
But you know me I will probably hit up there is ….
I think I love her whom am I kidding if that was the case you would have .. from the beginning
She is ready to begin and I am ready to end all her little friends she doesn’t understand …
When he on top she doesn’t look her in the eyes so he is a bit surprised sad too eyes
How many guys I mean how many times you are gonna fall for the lies
But I fall for her eyes and we fall from disguise and we fall on the bed
She places her hand on my hand and says don’t stop
I can’t stop I do everything her man not I bet that nigger by Lancelot
He has the only one I really want I just …only want
I am tired to run through these little sluts give them a little gas
Show them it will fill them up and believe that you are what they really want
Proceed .. just from one touch a kiss from the lips is like a hit from the …
She heard .. myth while I am behind deep inside she sends me a smile
I believe that she is lying but she sends me again and a time after that
Plus is time after that I start to believe her
I get eager .. change she never says she wants me
I cannot let this nigger .. if I don’t do it
I put my life on the line until she tells me she is mine
We are botch on disguise and we walk on the sky
.. I write about it till the sunshine
All I need is one time eat that thing
I won’t stop I cannot stop
How can I show her I am everything her man not
How can I do it I need some advice
.. try to explain
Don’t stop keep going
Don’t stop keep going
Don’t stop keep going
Don’t stop keep going


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