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NIPSEY HUSSLE - It Could Be Easy (Remix) Lyrics

It could be easy
It could be easy
It could be easy
It could be easy
It could be easy
It could be easy
I show you how to do this shit
You starts don’t believe me that’s why they are smoking
.. try hard to beat me she say she know who I am
Plus my team is undefeated everything you see I own
.. if bitch us out of control put it on a leash
… tell her you win her heart but you . kind of familiar
Got a couple problems … cheese be
Haters talk when I leave
They are jut drunk when they see what they want
They need me …. I make it look easy
Been down befre I think you should know
It could be easy
.. mean nothing I put .. always been that type of nigger
That don’t need nothing .. I save money
Turn them into a mini . address on his invitation
It could be easy
.. if you ask me … everything that pass me
The shit was going good until … cash and the flow say
… nigger be as easy as you make it .. too late in the game
… popping at you ..
It could be easy


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