Kirko Bangz - Ugly Bitches Lyrics

i met this one bitch
her name was ugly bitch
i should have known who fuck with
see when i'm thinking with my dick
everything is switch
i'm check boy on the block
tryin to hit a like
like a ain't give a shit
knowin that i gave a fuck
like what is my nigga ..
the one we talk ride and school
it used to chopper up
my dick tell me i'm a fool
if i don't chopper up
i mean she stay around the corner want nobody no
beside i try to slide and slide and gotta go
gave em my keep it on the low
she crack the smile like dress me
want nobody no
stupid bitch have me fool every time i pull
so in the .. bad like what the fuck you're doing
super ..every night is going down
but the bad party that she wait but the three hundred pounds damn

man i juts f*ck some ugly bitches
i keep ti real dog
so i just ..bitches
on the real man i don't fuck some ugly bitches
come on you know i fuck some ugly bitches
fuck ti
my nigga i don't fuck some ugly bitches
on the real dog i don't fuck some ugly bitches
i keep it real y'all i don't fuck some ugly bitches
come on dog man you know we fuck some ugly bitches

remember the ..when i was at school and ..
what the girls real freaky fine every view
sophisticated my conversation is designated
to get them the walls like i'm renovating
i never thought that i was by myself ..
what a bitch that look like you had born it baby
after ..i throw up i need some ..paper
sick as fuck throwing up i'm just ..
but shit i could ..what she told a friend and i
that ugly bitch man i swear i could ..
i wanna to look but shit i couldn't though damn man


now when i'm here on the road
i'm doing shows
but sometimes some days man i should be slow
and i ..fuck with the bitch that i shouldn't though
like the one chick i got the .. to know
she call me as i never ..
instead i do anythign to get a chance but you
..for real oh tell em boy she tell em boo
should ain't no trippin like ..
put yor shit inside call through i got some nigga bbay
we don't chill tonight
i got through see upon em
..wasn't right
see kids she was .. 45
what the fuck

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