Infamous Haze - Im Ghost Lyrics

they leave the city behind us
straight out the need a .. to find us
water and people call em your highness
princess immortal you're getting tuned with the lions
i wait for the .. and those who assume ..
hard times to Hollywood to Hawaii
and bitches i'm in the reach of 9o degree ..
it's really beautiful sounds CC ..

she a CLK/ wake and driving
i'm an LAOV poppin on cool ..
move ass baby bottom shine for baby powder
hey coward suck a big dick when you .. no homo
i just make me sick I'm ready for war
i got my right for my sword
blue .. nipped out this is all about
but for now couple swing i don't see ..
been in .. with umbrella ..
so telling y'all this is B kay nigga
big .. drop nigga, big K waving ..

i'm gone, nigga i'm ghost
..the touch down when i'm on another coast
jump the .. poppin on boats
i don't feel ti up them nigga who toast
nigga i'm gone, nigga i'm ghost
jumping..poppin on boats
even when i'm gone though my heart still close

jerk how the hood now walking to my
..with some ..who belly dance
i'm eating too fats
i got a big appetite
..i'm a boss now .. bitches
answer damn baby i do me .. what a horse say
yeah could beat it on
yeah I'm back on the belly shit
and jersey yeah you heard me
no friends gotta get abck to reality
bet the ..carajo adios ..


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