Rick Ross - We Rollin' Lyrics

my daughter say you gonna be rich one day
i dont' say a sound one play
this for my nigga from the block and highways
poll every Monday till Sunday

rollin ..aint' see me on the ..
rollin real..sitting on the ..
rollin spend your diam nigga want a rip
nigga 'cause i'm rollin, nigga cause i'm rollin

my .. tight see his ..behind is all that ..
number nine ..see liek me
my ..is champagne i do my damn thing
i truck on the .. i'm bad man
is ..i wear that my chop sticks like
but had a ..told down that p**sy the day twist em from ..
can't turned down ym .. in the field
thank you from ..
you rap me .. you snap ..
check we gombo
i hate that shit don't you p**sy just a phone call
bullshit don't try that that's my trap
too real to fake that
to flip that and make that
tell somebody ..on my way to 85 my lady drop
..my grip i got a .. i got a cold bottle
i got model
that's cash to feel .. sippin i'm not trippin in my ..

these niggas i'm in my .. millionaire
that's my chick in my ..

i'm open my .. the mozo i'm smoking
nigga you joking ..he's just kid is too show
i smoke them like .. we dont' real nigga don' t
in out to the same spot
8 town im so cool
i'm so full
yeah nigga that's ..school
bad bitch she f*cked up


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