Young De - Go B!G Lyrics

I'm rollin' now to do it big
Lead a life they wish they did
Gotta go for yours, no hesitations
Make the haters say congratulations, congratulations
Yeah, yeah! I said it
It's funny how they see the light more once you've read it
So said it, I did it, cause I won't let it
Get into the way I'm headed
Forget it, and better than my mind as a youngin'
I'mma grow up to be somethin'!
I know, I know, you heard it all before!
And I'mma hit the ground runnin',
Cause you gotta turn nothing to somethin'!
I know, I know, you heard it all before yeah!

I'mma, I'mma go big
I don't know how everybody else (is) tryin' to live
I had the feeling since I was a kid
I, gigantic, with everything I did!
Baby you know what it is
Blend with things with everything big, you become it
Cause I ain't selfish, but I can't help but go oh!

I want that big money, big house, big cars
so I grind every day, my life is no facade, no mirage
So that shows, hold the applause
It's why I spend so many nights in my garage writin',
Cause I'm where (in) life there's no massage
I'm far from relaxed with all this stress upon my back
My god, I seen her in that dress all black
And I want to go and get my hands on that
Nice to meet you, the way that I greet ya
One day my name is gonna be big as Katrina's
See the bigger the dream is, the more you're achievin'
Cause the things that they're teachin',
they're sort of misleadin'
And I'm sort of prestigious without the edu-ma-cation
I travel the world, rockin' all of these stages,
And all that I'm saying is that I'm trying to know ya
I got some big things in this life to show ya girl!

Thanks to Sam for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to Sam for correcting these lyrics

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