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Antisoc - Emergency Evacuation Lyrics

Everybody cover your head, we had a breakdown
(Everywhere is powered locks, they open when the power drops)
Secret research lab that's in a small desert town
(All the lights flicker off and the power generator stops)
We thought that we could play God, what were we thinking?
(Experiments freed from the basement, how could we be so complacent?)
Now they are released to start their feeding
(Experiments that we thought, could never escape, what have we wrought?)

Time to lock the vault, we can't let them out
Everyone here is going to die with the creatures locked inside
Everywhere I seem to go, it's out of control

In the precious name of science, we created a monster
(We were seeking imortality at the cost of our morality)
With every possible enhancement we could offer
(From the start we were doomed to fail, our coffin sealed with every nail)
I know that it's suicide, but we gotta get out
(I sense the creature drawing near, my spirit overcome by fear)
I know we need to escape, let's figure it out
(I know this isn't going to be fun, a single bullet in my gun)

Wheel of morality turn turn turn
Tell us the lesson that we should learn

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