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Azealia Banks - NEEDSUMLUV (SXLND) Ft Machinedrum Lyrics

you really wanna leave but you tighter ..
you dont' love her either and you leider ..
but if i was her ..was mine
cause you kind of hard to find
..gonna watch me
skip to that lady with that ..
forget your right let em free you rmind
let me get your high i do just what you like
for every thing you need and who you are
and the door is always open and i'm never far
the star

here to em the story but who is right before me
you make me .. you aint in lveo with her
but she still losing your hug
.. tearin me apart
jingle in the ..dont know what you do to me
..choose to be ..tryin make ..i'm tryin ..

you know it what's up
you sid .. another ..
because i'm here for ..and you know what
this ..

need sumluv, i needsumluv
i needsumluv, needsumluv


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