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Obie Trice - Growing Up In The Hood ft Game Lyrics

i grew up in santana block crib
let me explain the reason it's ..for my back pocket
87 cut i was int he cock pit
..that's where my brother stop ..
i never look back
i was threat, my nigga i was really fresh with the book back
i'll show you where to ..
i ah da gold change and it took that
i should've top that
nigga f*ck thta
a couple years pass i grew a moustache
thought a boss back
then it changed pop on my ..
i'm strained creep int he neighborhood and
..Chicago push over ..
this is my .. no way ..like P Diddy in the ..
..run the city in them
so i pull my chest out
then i got stumpt up
walk away with a couple of stars and ..
i went back to the hood we all bunched back
and they asking me what's up
why they loading their guns up
life style overcome ..bringin what's the meaning
it's gonna be a lot of slow sing

i grew up school crab nigga made a patron
what a rader .. in order
what a .. in pay just was amazing ..
'cause i'm battery ..
this is what's swayin up
the matter is kate man
man i swear i ..and i got the business
.. the same artist spittin the same business
what a main interest only the game interest
in refrain form being a lane in the ..
i had the game my mainly in the ..
school .. i'm hangin in the ..
not to mention i take a ..
fuck the job nigag that conversation just bores me
i'm in the hood congregate more loyalty
half way honest nigga ..
when it come to the cheese we ..
please believe we gonna see what's the problem
the .. a promise
goes nigga ..this is plenty a ..

..cocaine the dough game
the ..while i was watching ..
..on my profit
you know what i .. sit back and sitting
you cna neve stop
pushing rock
so crack in times
just to .. i'm half from Christian
..when it comes to me ..
some on ..
i still exist huge brothers ..

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