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Cassidy - What Real Niggas Do ft. Jag Lyrics

yeah the hustler
loss in it's family
this crazy right here
this what real niggas do

pack a ..clap it too
f*ck around what nigga do
p**sy nigga cheek you never knew
what the f*ck around nigga do
..for the niggas in your drew
what the f*ck around nigga do
working and brign your nigga true
what the f*ck around a nigga do
i'ma real nigga and i'm a real nigga too
spit that real spit that truth
f*ck around what nigga do
yeah i'm a real nigag and im'a a real nigag too
keep em let a nigga ..to
what the f*ck around nigga do

i got glams or white that damn and white
to detain the white to ..the price
ice in my watches like paparazzi ..
probably claim my ..
dont' shot your body fall
aint' ..but the chicks
i'ma probably ..both my feet
they both .. on my both my nuts
i'm moving drugs you move the ..
pound liek you smoek the shit
i push way to my ..
what the f*ck you waste you can't ..


i'm gonna point the best to ..
feel so out of space but i ain't no astronaut
..you know i ahd to pop..
and i had to blast the shot .. tell a nigga okay
my eye on the .
you see a nigga .. but you got that dirt
and you let the nigga ..
you dont' wanna ..got the ball ballin like a ..
..anything go to the ..
nigga gettin dough my block
i wanna talk about ..since i'm here ..
is what the f*ck a nigga do


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