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"I'm So Ready feat. Fat Joe" song overview :
Cherlise launched a new single that's part of the project called “Groundzero“. The track is called "I'm so ready" and it features Fat Joe. The rapper is the one that discovered Cherlise's singing talent.
I'm So Ready feat. Fat Joe lyrics

Cherlise - I'm So Ready feat. Fat Joe Lyrics

Fat Joe Verse
aah .. yeah..
coke of the dawn,
gotta hate girl u gotta goin on,
from the bottom of ur shoes to the harris on ur arm woo..
u walk me this should be ur Mr. De-meaner moving violation temme have u seen her,
united send her we on the sha lights,
some wave are observing prize fight,
so many i captcha of em all,
ur a work of Mazzi u deserve to be on wall,

Cherlise Verse
This is tommorrow already,
cuz yesterday was long enough,
can we keep it real now and steady,
cuz i wanna feel all ur love,
1 for 2 in the backseat of the caddy,
cuz its drive from home take too long,
so turn up the radio in backseat of ur caddy,
so we can make love to ur fav song,

tonight i think that that,
I'm So Ready,
I'm So Ready,
I'm So Ready,
I'm So Ready,
I'm So Ready,

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