"Holy Ghost" song overview :
Last Friday Rick Ross has released a mixtape titled Rich Forever, which serves as a prelude to his upcoming album "God Forgives, I Don't". The first single being taken from the mixtape is one called "Holy Ghost" and it features the hip hop mogul Diddy. As one would expect, the song glorifies riches and worldly fame, but there is a new added twist. Ross has thrown God heavily up in the mix in a way that many will probably consider blasphemous.
Holy Ghost lyrics

Rick Ross - Holy Ghost Lyrics

[Hook: Rick Ross] x2

They say IÂ’m gettinÂ’ money
Must be illuminati
Talking to the Holy Ghost
In my Bugatti
He knockinÂ’ on the doÂ’ donÂ’t let the devil in
He knockinÂ’ on the doÂ’ donÂ’t let the devil in

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]

Lord knows, that boy done been about it
Lord knows, that boyÂ’ll catch a body
Phone ringing, gotta be the Mexicans
Phone ringing, gotta be the Mexicans
Being dead broke is the root of all evil
Get money, my nigga, do good with your people
I got the calico, I got the dynamite
They wanna do it big? Pick a time tonight
Back to these bitches following my timeline
Back to these crackers following my timeline
Got the phone tapped, I think IÂ’m being followed
Touch him with the holyÂ’s ghost, can you hear me father?


Father, please protect me from brokeness
And bitch ass niggas, Bitch ass bitches too
Keep ‘em away

[Repeat Hook 2x]

[Verse 2: Rick Ross]

Work! ThatÂ’s all my niggas workinÂ’ with
Work! ThatÂ’s all my niggas lurkinÂ’ with
My teacher told me that I was a piece of shit
Seen her the other day driving a piece of shit
Work! Exactly what IÂ’m screaminÂ’ ho
Certified, 8 digit nigga, triple beaminÂ’ ho
You talkinÂ’ to the holy ghost
IÂ’m smokinÂ’ Â’til I overdose
When I fuck she let the pussy soak
Even my lawyer be askin is it dope
Never break the code shock me with a million votes
IÂ’m forever dope, touched by the holy ghost


You see, they hate what they donÂ’t understand
Father, forgive them
For they know not what they do
LetÂ’s go

[Repeat Hook]

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