Mario - The Motto Lyrics

the Los Angeles liquors
is the LA liquors let's go
you will have to
..bastard have no pieces do you

.. been the Soho aint' seen the loco
well you can take a photo
bitch dont' ..around spinnin like a yoyo
f*ck she a .. i call at the .. but she ..
double fantasy .. you know
but lana see the push see the grind
see the thing in life if the city ..every night
and take the note that's what i do
i'm in the air see of you
same loss same clue
you wanna .. and you want to ..
i beat up, i beat up ..
..shit so a part of me squeeze you
coming through

i never land peter pan i'm the man
yeah that's me wanna photo you already ..
yeah that's the ..
your bitch told me and i ain't even wanan
let the body every day every day every day
can't see your girl in the day shit your ..

passport one i'm on my second one
i've been .. king kong
they got the reason she the ..
she bang bang f*Ck her then i leave alone
pace no limit drop ..
only keep .. from that kitty kat
look a path you never tell
give a f*ck 'cause he can handle that
you bastard me you , do you

[3 x Hook:]

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