Phinehas - I Am The Lion Lyrics

son of Mine,
can you hear the sound of this repetition as clockwork
I'm always peeling back your skin to rip the legions from your heart
every scar you leave yourself is a jewel in the making
I would give new passion yet you've turned your back
like a devil of details cut your throat you're so addicted
you'll swing the hammer and I'll turn your nails to Gold
you will know My voice when the hair on your neck stands up
I opened this door,
and I will bring the End
all gives way and all will fall to their knees and beg for grace
son of Mine these letters I swear have not been burnt
my heart a child trembling in sight of his wake
is longing to rest in the hollow of Your hand
i know now what it is to be helpless like a foot on my neck to the ground
i'm longing to rest in the hollow of Your hand
here I am
I await you
you will know My voice
here I am
clear the path
I am the Lion
you brood of snakes
I am the Lion

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