Young Cypher - Hi Power Lyrics

If I had a lot of power I would run the world
if I had a million dicks I probably fuck your girl
I still will only one of them no Godfather but still selling I am gonna run this shit like
I was in a mother fucker track race and shorty let me be with no base
I say you are trouble because I roll the good Cinderella sweets never in the back woods
all in my mouth like .. but it feels dumb I get it to the mail so it's slide up
they say I am a rapper they say I am an artist .. kicking my .. to safer home
plaiting bitches you probably never seen just slow it down go ahead a pull a leak
never the green so we can feel good shorty wanna roll ride it I wish you would
missionary flow got to kill that shit got me banking of the walls I know she is feeling that shit
I get pictures on the ground and it's glass it's all ....
.she is from Atlanta I guess that makes her batter cause her last nigger was a lame
she got a body and an ass .. with that brain can I get smarter be my tutor I am cooler
than those niggers that you are chilling with love a nigger flow love it when a nigger killing it
shit the niggers hate yet I love it though black and white I play two sides nigger ...
good and bad I play good that's how the story goes beat them when I found my kids like a ... show


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