Styles P - Gift Wrapped Lyrics

Holiday’s back, blame it on the holidays
Dollar bills and killers, dope fiends and …
I been stacking my pennies been…
Thinking the semi letting the…
…make the niggas lean like the opium
Make your back spin, no linoleum
Whoever think to spit, meet me at the podium
Yeah, underground, the main stream
Cam from the block where I had cocaine dreams
Yeah, like I’m … in the flesh of little niggas is rapping
I poke on in the chest, smoke you with the text,
Still looking to … in the blood of the crypto
Learn off… cause other niggas is slipped though
Stunt or tip toe I don’t give a fuck, I throw you off the 6th floor
Holiday, of the 25th they got one
I let my gun play shot gun,
Shot gun in the back, case I gotta pop son
Or a daughter whatever the money order, you better pay me
Check all cash or money order
Me and my baby in the sheets of a theater room
The shit is looking crazy on the streets
I’m probably on the low getting shady on the beach
I’m on the…spit on your bars, what the fuck is he a don for
You think I’m sweet cause I’m making juice
Throw you in the blender with a couple pieces of fruit
I’m booked right in the…strips
Pop them in the head and tell them life is a bitch
I murder you and the nigga writing your shit
Verbally, off psychically, whatever
You should dig a hole, you ain’t digging me
I put your bitch ass out of misery
Cause misery love company
I keep it g only real niggas bumping me
The south niggas …
Hustle a roach just to pay a couple of bills
Happy new year nigga, you got a booth
I can show you what to do there nigga
Next step… like is glue there nigga
Block full of animals zoo there nigga
Happy holidays, from holiday
Gun big enough to put whole fucking block away, warrup.

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