Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! - Nemunemu Dokyumentarii Lyrics

See, the moment you wake up from a dream feels so good~
Sleepy sleepy~ early afternoon ahh, I'm so happy~

It starts moving
Across the free finder called myself
As I thought I've got to be honest to my heart
Or my finder won't reflect the true colors

Looking at the fairy tale from here
I think I kind of like the moment when it turns into reality~

When I rub my still sleepy eyes beyond my blurry vision
I felt everyone's presence ahh, I'm going to sleep one more time~

I've scooped up that smile of yours in my heart
So let me turn it into a huge article, OK~?

I've been looking all this time the tiny lights
Are collecting themselves into an amazing "utopia"~

See, when you wake up from a dream you can feel a gently swaying sense of happiness
Sleepy sleepy~ early afternoon ahh, someone's calling me~

I just love that moment~
What is this anticipation? All right, it's about time to wake up~

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