Million Stylez - Ya Habibti Lyrics

Ya Habibti ..when you grind on me
Ya Habibti move your body
Miss ...
Ya Habibti whine your teasy
Me love the way you grind on me
Ya Habibti move your body
The sun arise

Where you from she says she ..
They way she barely dancing i mean she turn on
Before you start burn yes before you .. burn
Couldn’t take more I’ve got it ..on you
Take a room so we can walk a burn long
Do me things like i wonder ..
Yes a ... really want to be her man


Yeah she don’t care when ..
She want to talk ...
All she want really ..
That’s what she want from me
She don’t care when arab money
She ... all she wants is
..she get from me

Ya Habibti, Ya Habibti
Whine your body eh eh


Ya Habibti so sweet like a ..
Send me .. hypnotize me till i feel lose
Dance for .. plus plus
No one for your ..
Give me the .. me love you girl ..them seats

[2 x Chorus:]

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