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Kano - High Heels vs. Converse Lyrics

High heels vs Converse
Chick I can converse with
.. sex botch I make a comfort spin
No .. pin curable shape ..no curse
I ..nurses .. she sound like old school
I did I did see a pussy cat
Pose no clothes with it …
I am ruining it
Superman be my superwomen
Cause I need .. everywhere I go I need a ..
I am riding in slow motion .. she was ..
I am a pro with this how she is in the
I told her my advice go get the .. look at the .. outside
Players play .. standard like a ..can I feel it fornicate it
…my head on my neck I smell I smell pussy perfume
Upside down like a .. I told you I can fly
Come and see .. no turbulence ..like I am from ..
I show you my .. she called me Romeo she said I am killing it ..

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