Young Gee - Movin Lyrics

Gucci shades town
With the bitches ..
Bitch know he’s .. you know his move
Bitch hear my line she know is coolin
Bitchy know his head, he know his move
I’m a .. why you nigga losin
Bitch you know his head you know is moving
She on a nigga swat you know she choosin
Bitch you know his head you know is moving

I know her every day i ball like its mien
Like a shit down like a nigga fly
All is got the mojo i ain’t no comparison
If a nigga he’ll be sleepin with the floss
Willin on my shit rapping up cash
Fly ass nigga different bitch every day
Spanish white black they go boast ..
I’ma keep it real why you niggas practice faith
Every day¬ís my birthday ¬Ďcause i¬ím getting straight
You know you really .. when them niggas wanna hate
See the ..after dopes and why really ..
Call my best ..big Benjamin’s face
I’ll be in the sip you cast never ..
I’ll be in the ear so now niggas lose
Game type gym right now the bitch snooze
Next in the ...


Free bitches daddy in my ..bitch the mine
You a dick i’m a judge .. if she swallow
I call her back to mine, if she don’t i told her i ..
We be getting ... gones black ..
Maybe will no shoes not the game ..bear ass move
Night time strip club day time hoe
Going in the pocket just ..
Sg .. movie game just color strip
Matter of fact the nigga mean ..’s been a few dollars
Hey you nigga just rap my nigga is just ..
When i’m in your mouth lay you down i don’t ..
Homie i’m a cope man homie counting ..
..i’m a ...shit king


You know what good from ..up to ..
.. if you shot to my high
Took it front ...
Sir and a great ...
Movin, killers with the movin and can’t see
Then my third little nigga and long bitch


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